Designing The Kitchen: Few Crucial Tips

Published on 01/05/2022

There must be many corners and spaces in your home that will be your favorites and among all, the kitchen would be one of them where you will spend a lot of your time. The design of this space must be good enough where the space is efficiently utilized and is also multi-purpose. No matter whether you love cooking or not, the space should let you feel welcome. It will be an important factor for any task whether it’s washing the dishes or sitting with the family discussing something. You are here and by that, we have assumed that you are planning to renovate the kitchen space or trying to completely build one from the scratch. Our team of experts have successfully curated a list of few tips and tricks that are going to be helpful throughout the project.

Designing The Kitchen Few Crucial Tips

Designing The Kitchen Few Crucial Tips


Cut Down The Step Count

Generally, the items that you need on a regular basis aren’t kept at a single spot and you have to do quite a maneuver to get things everytime. An efficient kitchen design is the one that completely eliminates the unnecessary steps. The dishware should be kept near the dishwasher and same is the case with the cutlery. It will significantly make the loading/unloading easier.

Wide Paths

The most certain mistake that one generally makes and it just makes the kitchen space quite difficult to work with is the narrow space around the platform. The floor plan must be crucially inspected and if the pathways aren’t wide enough, you must alter it. It must be a minimum 3 feet so that you are able to easily turn around and walk through.

Divert The Direct Traffic

There are various designs where we have seen that the whole house traffic has to go through the kitchen to get from one spot to another. While designing the kitchen and to make it future proof, you must avoid it and the kitchen counter should remain away from the common pathways. The refrigerator placement should be done in such a way that it’s easily accessible to both, the one inside the kitchen and outside.

Right Height Of Microwave

It’s a crucial step and you must consider the chef’s height before finalizing the height of the microwave. You will also have to factor in whether the home will have kids around, it should be accessible to them, as well. We would recommend designing the kitchen in such a way that it is placed below the counter to make it for an effortless use.

Shorten The Range

There will be various elements that you will need in the kitchen once you are cooking something. The range where these things are kept should and must be shortened. For example, you can add a couple of open shelves above the counter to put all the spices and smaller utensils. Along with it, you can also add a few hooks to hang pans and pots.

A message Center Is A Must!

The message center for all the family members should be placed somewhere where it’s easy to locate. One of the best spots that you can consider is on the fridge door using the magnets. If you want to go for a whiteboard, consider placing it next to the refrigerator or on the counter where it remains in direct sight.

A Message Center Is A Must

A Message Center Is A Must

Multiple Electric Sockets

While designing the kitchen, it’s necessary for you to install multiple outlets to connect various appliances. There will be various devices such as coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc. that will require plug n’ play. If you want to get a step ahead, you can install USB ports in one of the drawers.