How To Make A Classic Grey Themed Design Room Pop

Published on 09/08/2020

So, you finally went for that grey theme redesign for your lounge, and now you are feeling a bit lost at sea because everything feels rather dull? Are you now worried that your guests are going to leave your home feeling depressed?
Fear not, for there are plenty of ways to salvage a room which has taken a turn for the morose. Grey themes can work for your home in a wonderful way, you just need to read through our instructions carefully on how to bring it all back to life.

How To Make A Classic Grey Themed Design Room Pop

How To Make A Classic Grey Themed Design Room Pop

Jazzing Up Neutrality

You probably went for a grey theme for your room because you wanted neutrality to flood into your space. The downside of neutrality is that it tends to suck the life out of an area, but only when it is brought in incorrectly.
Grey themes can be rather diverse when they are regarded as the perfect setting for vibrant touches and advanced designs. Remember that each type of grey has a subtle undertone of other colors.
It is then important that you recognize which undertone the greys in your room possess. You might not be “trending” with the modern warmer themes seen today, but there is a lot which you can work with!

Contrast Makes The World Go Round

The best way to begin blending in warmth and vibrancy into your neutral greyness is to foster some distinction in your space. Luckily for us, the design world is so complex and resourceful that there are endless choices for you to plough through.
Bringing in wooden and leather furniture is a fantastic start which won’t be too jarring as an initial juxtaposition. From here, you can start building on this unobtrusive furniture. If you are feeling particularly bold, try introducing some white accents to various surfaces. You could even repaint one of your room’s walls!

The Items In The Room

There are plenty of smaller touches which will really bring flair into your room. Patterned or painted pillows really go a long way, as well as modernist carpets. It’s all about shaking up the monotonous feel in the room.
Remember that while grey can expand a room and introduce a greater sense of space, browns are likely to make the room feel cozier. It is important that you consider this contrast when you think of bringing brown items into the room.
Aside from brown, the amount of colors which you can bring into a home are limitless, but you need to ensure that the color’s undertones match those which are already present. You do not need to go out of your way to achieve this blend, as there are plenty of elements and objects already present in your home which can be brought in.
If you have furniture, art, and other trinkets lying around which could better be used in your grey room, then do not hesitate to bring them in. This will also help to fuse various themes in your house for a streamlined design.